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They carry an obituary page only to cover it in ad stickers. Brilliant.
But is there a full text somewhere?

I can totally stand behind a label like “Generic Brand”. “Fiasco” on the other hand sounds like a lingerie line.

There sure is!

Fun fact about the Fiasco label, though: when I was growing up, there was a clothing store in one of the swankier malls called – I kid you not – Fiasco Jeans. As far as D&W goes, you couldn’t come up with a more appropriate name. (No word on whether the jeans were an actual fiasco, but the business was: they were gone within a year, as memory serves.)

– Io

Oh! I was so glad to see the full text posted somewhere. Thank you, Xoro, for asking, and thank you Io for posting a link to the full page.

I obsess over every little bit of this comic (no pressure there, or anything…) and I love everything I see. I’m so SO glad to see more after DreamSpace (which is, by now, classic cyberpunk lore, and will be remembered as such). Love you guys! :-)

Not a stalker,
Miss KellyBean

Well, I don’t know how true the “classic cyberpunk lore” statement is, but it definitely made my morning, so thank you! <3
I'm continuously amazed at our reader's curiosity and dedication. As soon as I think "nah, no one's gonna remember this in a few week's time" someone proves me wrong, and I'm so glad :D So excited to draw the rest of this chapter now.


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