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Wow, that means that the totality of chapter 1 to 3 happened in the span of just 4 weeks and 3 days tops. Chapter 4 to the 10th page of chapter 5 (and maybe even chapter 6) happened in another month. Will that mean we will have a new year special with beautiful nuclear pines this year *-*??

So “A” helped Sandman “reprogram” the dogs, a procedure that seems potentially surgical in nature, and has some sort of tracker on Dan, which implies some sort of access to him. “A” couldn’t be Lin, could she, working covertly with Sandman for some reason?

So far, of A. we know ~4 things:

1) Sandman knows of them, and is working with them.
2) They helped “reprogram” the dogs.
3) They provided a tracker on Dan, somehow.
4) They provided enough connections to have access to implants of mindtrippers killed by Skullfuck.

Lin fits neatly into 2-4 in capabilities, and 1 is not implausible.
But why can’t it be Eve? She was involved in the mindtripper’s scene, her background as a psychologist and a mindtripper is no worse than Lin for the dog’s case (after all, the diary mentions specifically “reprogramming” instead of augmenting/modifying/etc., impying primarily mental mods on dogs), her having access to Dan at some point to install a tracker is plausible, and her legal involvement in the medical scene might be enough for access to skullfucked implants.

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