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You do do a pitch-perfect cardboard-and-string 90s internet scene. I remember having a mail-order shareware catalogue that looked exactly like this (minus the swearing…)

Anyway, was humming this and suddenly thought of Dan and the mystery co-ordinates.

By the way, is the length of time the Dreamspace comics take to load a deliberate part of the show, or is it just that my internet connection has certain things in common with Dan’s? It gets as far as the Dreamspace logo and “Loading…”, and then that’s all I get out of it for several minutes. In fact often it doesn’t load at all until after a certain amount of random back-and-forth-ing, reloading, and switching my router off and on again. Does it do that with other people?

Thanks, that’s great to hear!

And hey, pretty song. Lyrics are definitely fitting :D

As for Dreamspace, it can take a while to load depending on your connection as it’s 10-15MB worth of images per episode, but I haven’t heard of it being buggy altogether. Something to look into, I guess. In the past people used to confuse the “in-character” purple loading screen with the actual one, but I haven’t had any other complaints since I added a note about it. This seems like a connection issue, though. Thanks for letting us know!


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