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It’s funny that Dan pays Lin to operate on hm but he won’t let Fixer touch him for free.

Lin needs a sidekick. A cyborg cat would be the best for her, I think!

She has her cranky computer thingy.

Yeah what’s the deal with that thing anyways, Io, any details?

SIM has a bit of backstory that we’ll get around to a bit further down the line, but the short of it is that he’s Lin’s computerized surgical assistant/accountant/datekeeper/personal organizer, and by extension the only one at the Klinik with any substantial medical knowledge. If pressed, Lin will stress that he’s not an AI – after all, that would be very, very illegal. (Moreso than running an underground mod shop, even.) At the same time, SIM is just a little too clever to be a by-the-books program, even a modified one.
– Io

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