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Extras: Thought Bubble 2015 Update


I look forward to one day being filled in on the actual dynamic between Lin and Dan’s relationship. He’s obviously more to her than just a mod shop client since as she’s clearly established, she doesn’t have enough fucks to give about her clients (calling them patients seems too generous). Like why did she go out on a limb to get Dan back to her Klinick when he first got SkullFucked? Why go out of her way to make sure he remains upright when he’s almost perversely self destructive? (and again, we’ve seen the callous disregard she has for other clients.) It can’t just be because she’s after the credits he owes her, that seems like more an excuse to me than anything. I could just be reading way too much into it but I’m assuming there is rich backstory here that will be explored more in the future. Or maybe she just really want to keep her free Lo Mein delivery system in place :P

Well, there’s definitely going to be more Dan and Lin interactions this chapter, though I’m not sure it’ll answer your question :D
Io made a good point about Lin seeing Dan as “the world’s biggest, dumbest, most drug-addled puppydog” who just puts up with everything. But to add to that, neither of them have anyone else to rely on: Lin’s clients are doing their best to avoid her (unless they need work done) and Dan just kind of gave up on his social circle all together.

…Other than that, having Dan stuck with people he doesn’t get along with is just hilarious sometimes. And we’re terrible people.


I’m not usually the cheerleader or motivational speaker sort but I do feel like I have to get this off my chest.

Everyone, please vote for this comic on TopWebComics. The creators even have a convenient link all set up in the left sidebar. If you need more motivation, please go to the TopWebComics site and look at the comics that are on the first page. (The top 100.) I would argue that D&W is more deserving of a place on the front page then many of the comics that are already there.

It’s easy, click the box in the sidebar, vote. You can do it once a day without signing up or anything. And that’s once a day PER COMIC so if you’re already voting for someone else you can still throw some love out for D&W.

You can even do what I do and vote multiple times a day (home network, phone, and if I’m at work my work network.) Vote early, vote often, it’s all reset at the start of each month so next month I expect to see D&W on the first page :D

Hey, thanks so much for your support :D It really means a lot to us. I wouldn’t consider TopWebcomics ranking a measure of how good a webcomic is – as there’s plenty of great, successful webcomics that don’t make it high up on that list. However, we definitely get more traffic from there at the start of the month when we get to be in top100 for a bit, so it’s worth maintaining. I might start drawing voting incentives and all that if I ever get a free minute. Maybe.

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