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Guest Art Week 4 by H-P Lehkonen

Guest Art Week 4 by H-P Lehkonen published on 6 Comments on Guest Art Week 4 by H-P Lehkonen

Today’s guest art is brought to you by H-P and I was stunned by the detail in the piece! I also loved that H-P based it on an existing ad – perhaps some of you might recognise the original?

H-P Lehkonen is a Finnish comics artist specializing in queer comics. He’s currently working on his new webcomic, Life Outside the Circle.

His previous webcomic, which finished this August, was a sci-fi humor story called Immortal Nerd. Apart from drawing comics, he also lectures about how to make money with them!

  • Find H-P on twitter: @hplehkonen
  • Support H-P with ko-fi!

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