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Guest Art Week 6 by Laura Watton

Guest Art Week 6 by Laura Watton published on 7 Comments on Guest Art Week 6 by Laura Watton

Appropriately enough, today’s guest piece hails from an artist whose comic actually launched in 1995!

Laura Watton is a UK comicker heavily influenced by ’80s and ’90s Japanese pop culture and comics, and goes by the name PinkAppleJam online. Laura’s long-running 3-book comic series Biomecha is a sci-fi drama about growing up in a near-future world of imperfect cybernetics in a school/college scenario. The characters handle powers and problems of biomechanics, PSI powers, integrated future tech… as well as the paranoia and questions that come with all of that. Book 3 of the series is currently underway via Patreon.

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