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and a whole new body of webcomic to go on my ‘slowly work my way through’ list (which actually looks great).

(this is a test.)

Nate’s tastes are clearly terrible. Who calls a party shit after being stampeded by quality dogs?! That should be a bonus! :D (and looks like I’ll have another comic to catch up on now, too! When I’m not on the work wifi, probably.)

Cool, we have VR parties and clubs, but do we have VR fight clubs?
Fight club was released (in book) in 1996.
Now THAT I’d like to see.

If anything, I suppose the use of VR would make the main plot all the more plausible for spoilery reasons.
I wonder if cryptocoins would have made a difference in how Fight Club played out, given that they’re designed to act as an alternative to relying on credit card systems and banks.

Can’t believe no one has mentioned how anachronistic cassette tapes seem in a world where cybernetic VR is a reality. The compact disc hasn’t changed much since it’s release in the 80s…
Then again, I collect cassettes and I know of netlabels that produce minidiscs, so…

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