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Dan’s bite mark makes me think that the fine lady he found, turned to be a vampire, Merry Christmas wachos.

In some vampire fiction (like Vampire: The Masquerade), vampires can imbibe drugs/alcohol if they are dissolved in blood. Whether separately, or in the bloodstream of someone with them in their system.

So obviously, Dan was a prime target in this regard.

Dan is my favourite manic pixie dream girl. Happy new year!

More like Depressive Pixie Dream Boy.

Some people who don’t know about the distinction between manic depressives, depressives, and various conditions that simply cause manic states without the depressive states can’t really tell the difference between a manic and a depressive.

This depressing fact brought to you by someone with experience with both mania and depression, without ever being manic depressive. (The distinction apparently being, if you experienced one state for over a month without having the other, it’s clearly not a behavior pattern that cycles between the two at most every two weeks. Note that it doesn’t need to be one state sustained for a month, just one state for extended periods spanning at least a month, and without having the other state at all in that time.)

Please note that I’m not a doctor, merely a patient, and this diagnosis could be more complicated than my doctors have led me to understand. Also note that I’m a random person on the Internet, and you need to do your own research before drawing any conclusions (except maybe the conclusion that I’m crazy, because I am, and also the conclusion that I may have autism, because I am on the autism spectrum as well.)

As a ASD person I acknowledge your self-awareness (or would “self-consciousness” more suit with the context?). Plus, your claim about not mixing manic and depression makes sense. To add more strength to your argument, I would say that depression is seen more like a illness while manic is seen more like a symptom. We could say both could be caused by a traumatism or a situation creating high stress in someone’s life. But someone could have manic because of a neurological issue, or because that person Is naturally nervous, and so on. Maniaco-depression is not a subject I know better than you, but I’m sure that having maniac and depression separately is more frequent since the union of symptoms and / or illnesses leads to heavier issues. I don’t know if I’m making a point writing this, but to simply put I support your claim. Damn, I wrote it long.

Edit: damnit, I think I misunderstood the word “manic”. I guess my support is no longer relevant since my argument makes no sense at all… I think the problem is both manic and depression can be caused by more or less the same things, but both won’t lead to the same consequences on people. I should search more about the difference between manic and OCD too to prevent even more confusion in my paragraph… I know OCD can come in a large spectrum of intensities as for ASD, but I don’t know that much about manic. Well, I like where my thoughts are going, but I’ll let a second edit.

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