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Wirepedia: Cybernetics Classes


See this is what I’m about. Social strata. I see a bunch of stuff in this genre billing certain technologies as just for the rich or just for the poor (cough Deus Ex cough) and not this understanding of social class and marketing. Real world: everyone has a computer, bot not everyone gets a $2000 Macbook. Everyone gets a vehicle, but not everyone gets a Mercedes. Some people have the bare minimum that they need to slap every time they want to turn it on. Some people build their own.

Technology moves faster than culture, and it either embeds itself or dies out; things either quickly become ‘normal’ or they die out without becoming more than a gimmick, and all the same social crap that we live with carries on.

If only they had the latter go from less to more capable in alphabetical roder rather than the reverse, they could have made class D as a natural extension of the system, rather than jumping to X. Not that I would expect an international naming convention in this comic to proceed logically.

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