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I vaguely knew pralines were some kind of cookie but after reading this I Googled them. How have I gone this long without eating them? The European style looks amazing, I’m definitely making a batch this weekend.

So yea… that was my takeaway from this, junk food..

A note pointing out grammatical errors – brilliant! And signed by Washington Irving…
By the way, is Betonia a city district, village, or neighboring country?

“Betonia” is the popular nickname for one of the Unylsk’s more dismal planned districts – “planned” in this case translating to a wholesale demolition of quaint, poky historic architecture in favor of miles of “efficient” Stalinist-flavored plattenbau, complete with decorative concrete trees (added in the ’80s in a misguided effort to curb rising suicide rates in the neighborhood).
– Io

This so needs a separate article!
Concrete trees… this gives me a mental image of a streetlight with many branches, each branch a light fixture. Or a traffic light tree. Funny, municipal services still paint tree trunks with chalk in spring… along with lamp-posts.

Neato! I love the universe building details that these wirepedia pages add. There is just something accomplishing about world building and it’s fascinating finding out what other world builders come up with. It often brings out a happy giddy energy from within me. Drugs&Wires is so very different from what I’ve read in the past and that’s what I like about it and I am happy to see the creativeness and attention to detail, in what ever form they are presented. The little things often make the bigger things special.

Ahhh :’)
Sounds like the 90’s in former Yugoslavia! Those were the days, during the trade embargo!
In bad parts of town, when you’d get mugged, thugs wouldn’t have anything to take from you other than your jacket and shoes.
There was rationing as well as milk, sugar and cooking oil lines!

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