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Wirepedia: Modification Licenses (2)


That sounds accurately bureaucratic.
If ye have a tv implant, d’you have to pay for a TV license too?

They’d probably go for the triple-crown and institute a special TV Implant fee on top of that.
– Io

and then cog forbid you want more than the 5 state-run channels

5 whole channels? Steady on there, Waxhead. That’s crazy talk.
– Io

I know Stradania has a highly conservative government right now (after USSR collapse and liberal reforms), but how much that has affected their laws? Are they under an authoritarian dictatorship a far-right president?

I just want to estimate how hard is cyber-forgery law.

The populist right-wing party that wields a supermajority in Stradania’s parliament got there by exploiting general resentment over the economy, but promised voters a lot of stuff that’s turned out not to be… entirely feasible. (“We’ll get rid of all foreign influences and restore our country to sovereign greatness! Hail Stradania!” “Hey, guys? It’s us, the foreign creditors who provide the cash you need to keep basic services running.” “Welp.”) So to distract everybody from the fact that the economy is still in the shitter, they’ve been rolling out “wedge” legislation like the anti-cyborg bills – stuff that appeals to their base, pads out the budget a little, and most importantly, ties up news cycles that could otherwise be devoted to how terrible the government actually is.
– Io

So… What exactly is Moral Serenity? Sorry for the dumb question, I just got a little bit confused :P

Digital Serenity* Wtf happened to me xD

Digital Serenity is a government-endorsed VR salon chain – essentially the slick, sellout-y counterpart to the wild and wooly world of mindtrippers like Dan. (You can see one of their outlets at the beginning of Chapter 1 as Dan’s driving to work.) After the big VR crackdown, places like DS are the only option for people looking to get their VR highs the legal way.
– Io

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