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Wirepedia: Modification Licenses


Wow I never imagined how hard was to get a license. I wonder how much time Dan waited for his ID.

“Only” about three months, although a lot of that was thanks to Eve, who (unlike Dan) spent a lot of time boning up on the new laws and helped put together a relatively bullet-proof application. Without her, Dan would have been well up the proverbial creek.
– Io

That explains a lot. My first thought when reading that was, “how in the world did Dan actually complete that process?” I could totally picture him attempting to fill out the paperwork, tripping balls for a day or so instead then convincing himself he had actually completed it. Or alternatively just bribing everyone possible until he was out of money.

Just wanted to say that I found Drugs & Wires two days ago, am already caught up, and waiting for more. Keep it up.

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