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Wirepedia: The Black Rot (2)


How was MCM? I actually considered it this year.

You should have! It’s always great to meet long-time readers who already know the comic so I can ramble on about stuff :D But yeah, we had a really good time! Comic Village was right next to the entrance for once, so we had a nice and steady flow of people. Sadly I didn’t take enough stock of Issue #1 and #2 of the comic so it was gone by Sunday morning before most of our regulars turned up! But I guess it’s a good problem to have :P

My only regret is missing the chance to take a picture with a Psycho-Pass dominator.


Wait… I just wonder… if in this world USSR collapsed and USA has its post-apocaliptic regular business… what’s happening in East Asia and Latin America? The same as real world plus bionics and plagues?

I’m guessing a lot of those emaciated people in cryotubes in Icebox were circa-1980s victims who decided to try their luck at cryonics rather than let the black rot progress?

Caught up!
What an intense and awesome ride!
I love this comic.

Wait… The “Fun Factz” section implies that USA hadn’t landed it’s astronauts on the Moon, if we’re to believe to a regular man.
It means that USSR had unconditionally won the space race and therefore was in a much better place ideologically than IRL in 1970+.

How was it “compensated”, for USSR had still managed to disintegrate in this universe and did it in roughly the same time?

The US still beat the Russians to the Moon – they just didn’t do so with a person.
– Io

Both soviets and americans had landed automats on the Moon, and while in reality americans with the series of manned lunar missions had somewhat asserted dominance in space, in the universe of the comic it hadn’t happened.

It’s somewhat simple. IRL there had been Armstrong with his “Small step of one man – big leap for the whole humanity” as the symbol of american space prowess. In the universe of the comic such symbol doesn’t exist, and soviets are believed to be masters of space by the masses, for “their rivals had managed only to copy their achievements”. No feats that soviets hadn’t achieved at roughly the same time – or earlier.

Oh, no. The Americans officially “won” the Space Race by simply smashing a nuke into the Moon’s terminator. Of course, this only prompted a decade-long thermonuclear dickwaving contest where both parties bombarded the lunar surface with increasingly ridiculous payloads until international pressure finally forced them to stop.
– Io

I was about to say “It’s not realistic!” then I remembered it was a webcomic about brain implants and cyberspace in the 90’s…

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