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Extra D&W Pages for July!

Extra D&W Pages for July! published on No Comments on Extra D&W Pages for July!

Good news, ‘Wireheads – thanks to ongoing support from our Patreon backers, we’ll be publishing another five pages of D&W this month! Slightly less good news: next Monday’s page will unfortunately be bumped, as Claire’s on the road with only the barest of bare-bone art-ing tools at her disposal.

The projected update schedule for this month is:

10/07 – Chapter 4, Page 10 & 11
17/07 – Chapter 4, Page 12
24/07 – Chapter 4, Page 13
31/07 – Chapter 4, Page 14
02/08 – Chapter 4, Page 15

Hearty thanks are due to all of our July patrons:

Diceman, Laura Hutton, Ben Sebastian, Vloshko, Tori Hansen, Matt K, samieperv, Aleksander Ratzloff, Aaron Clark, HD Moore, Tarl Armstrong, Pavel Penev, Adrenaline, Matt Tarky, Richard E. Gropp, stroggo, Xemobiz, Jess Waldrip, Dustrial, Katheudo, grimmware, Minno, Carryl, littledot63, Franck Yvonnet, bryce, raine ko, Jesse Edmund Juniper, Alazavrus Bakanovic, Dmitry Mamchur, Ben Ireland, Pet Rock, Skynix Samson, Lacey, Jeff Couturier, Jay Fabares, Jennifer, cstone, Oscar Aamu, GhostlyPI, Mighterbump, Dm3 C, Anton, Lee, vex, Escher Null, Patty Brehm, Marco Antonio Assfalk de Oliveira, rockjar, Mitch Bigelow, nerveblot, Dylan Evans, Michael Hartog, BitVictim, toherrys, RISING SΛND, M D Penman, MercenaryElf, Weird Montgomery, EdZ, Ethel Morgan, Matt Zweig, meskio, Giuliano Di Pasquale, Matthew Hathaway, Waxhead Jed, tekniklr, Shobana ‘Bob’ Appavu, Корявый Почерк, snowdogermine, Thylacinx, Dan Testerman, neid buell, Kalia, Daniel Joelsson, Austin Bookheimer, and Carl.

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