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D&W Patreon Launches!

D&W Patreon Launches! published on 1 Comment on D&W Patreon Launches!

That’s right: it’s official. If you follow us on social media, you’ll probably know that we’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a Patreon for quite a while now – all the cool webcomics artists are doing it, so why not us? But we always hit a bit of a hurdle when it came to content: we’re not quite in a position where we can offer things like more frequent comic updates, but still want to give people something substantial for their support.

Over the last couple of weeks, though, we’ve finally had the time to put together a little grab bag of fan goodies: comics, production art, original script pages, and behind-the-scenes insights. It’s a list that’ll probably expand a bit in the months ahead; it’s important to us that backers get a proper bang-for-buck ratio, and we’re kinda figuring out this whole Patreon lark as we go along. So if you’ve got a suggestion about how we can improve our offerings, let us know! Our metaphorical door is always open.

As for D&W itself, you’ll be happy to know that our summer hiatus is almost over – in fact, the cover for Chapter 3 is being sketched out as we speak. Watch this space…

New Neon Shudder Album!

New Neon Shudder Album! published on 1 Comment on New Neon Shudder Album!

Cadence Album Cover by Neon ShudderIn other non-comic news, D&W friend/occasional collaborator/unstoppable music factory Neon Shudder released his first full-length LP, Cadence, on Bandcamp earlier this month. This cyberpunk concept album-slash-multimedia experiment builds on last year’s O​-​8015 EP with 20 fresh tracks, and includes an illustrated digital novella authored by Mr. Shudder himself.

Longtime followers will discover that Cadence marks a big artistic push forward for Yung Shud – a release that doesn’t just play with presentation and storytelling, but also offers a broader palette of sounds than previous Neon Shudder EPs.

D&W Store Updated With Issue #2, Dreamspace & Tattoos!

D&W Store Updated With Issue #2, Dreamspace & Tattoos! published on No Comments on D&W Store Updated With Issue #2, Dreamspace & Tattoos!

Drugs & Wires Store Update

Didn’t get a chance to come out to see us at the MCM London Comic Con? Have no fear: the Drugs & Wires store now carries Drugs & Wires: Issue #2, the newly-reprinted Dreamspace: Analogue Edition, and our stylin’ transfer tattoo sheets. Orders can be personalized on request – just make sure to include it in the notes when checking out!

(Reminder: we also have clothing and prints available!)

MCM London Comic Con is Almost Here!

MCM London Comic Con is Almost Here! published on No Comments on MCM London Comic Con is Almost Here!

MCM 2016 Location Map

It’s that time again: MCM London Comic Con is almost upon us! As in years past, Cryoclaire will be setting up shop in the Comic Village with all the trimmings, including:

  • Dreamspace: Analogue Edition – Ever since the initial run of Dreamspace: Analogue Edition sold out, we’ve been peppered with requests for a reprint, so here it is. We took the opportunities to make some tweaks to the story and clean up the continuity a touch; consider this Analogue Edition 1.01. Fair warning, though: this’ll probably be the last time we make AE available to the general public, so get your copy while the going’s good.
  • Drugs & Wires: Issue 2 – Fresh off the presses, it’s the entirely of D.D.F.H. in future-proof dead-tree format, complete with highly collectible variant cover! (Hey, it’s the ’90s.)
  • D&W Temporary Tattoos – If you follow Cryoclaire on social media, chances are you’ve already seen these, but we’re still very, very excited about them.

We’ll also be selling D&W: Issue 1, the Daily Struggles of a Cyberjunkie one-shot collection, prints, postcards, buttons, and more, more, more. Look for Claire at Table CL2, conveniently located within a stone’s throw of the Kids Zone, a decision the organizers may yet regret. (And if you can’t make it to London, just watch this space – we’ll be updating our store shortly after the event!)

Meet Our Fanart Contest Winners!

Meet Our Fanart Contest Winners! published on 3 Comments on Meet Our Fanart Contest Winners!

We had a fantastic selection of entries for our first anniversary fanart contest – more, honestly, than either of us were expecting. But after a lot of soul-searching and some valuable input from our significant others and cyber-pals, we finally picked our three four lucky winners!

You can find full-size version of these images (and all of the other great submissions!) on our fanart page. A big “thank you” to everybody who participated!
Drugs and Wires Fanart ContestDrugs and Wires Fanart ContestDrugs and Wires Fanart ContestDrugs and Wires Fanart Contest

One Year of Drugs & Wires!

One Year of Drugs & Wires! published on 4 Comments on One Year of Drugs & Wires!

Yep, it’s true. On March 22nd, 2015, we officially launched this wild, weird little enterprise into the World Wide Web, making this our first official anniversary.

The last 12 months have been a bit of a blur, but in the best way possible: we’ve published 44 pages of comics, met a lot of talented creators in the process, and – best of all – discovered that there’s actually a surprisingly substantial audience for our cyberpunk-flavored brand of post-Soviet misery. So to all our comment section regulars, Tapastic subscribers, and everyone who’s read, purchased, shared, reviewed our comic, and visited us at conventions… Thank you for making this happen!

We’ll be posting the results of our fanart contest on the 24th once we’ve had a chance to go over all of the entries – harder than it sounds, since we’ve been literally snowed in with great stuff these past couple of weeks! In the meantime, you might also be interested in this little behind-the-scenes look at the comic’s production.

Drugs & Wires Anniversary Contest!

Drugs & Wires Anniversary Contest! published on No Comments on Drugs & Wires Anniversary Contest!

First Anniversary GiveawayHey, everyone! Drugs & Wires celebrates its first anniversary on March 22nd, 2016, and we’d like to mark the occasion by saying “thank you” to our awesome readers with not one, but two giveaway contests!

The LOW EFFORT Giveaway!

Have a Tumblr account and hate putting effort into winning things? We’ve got just the contest for you, friend! The rules couldn’t be simpler: all you have to do is reblog this post and add your favorite D&W character(s) in the tags. (This helps us to filter out spammers and giveaway-only blogs!)

The Prizes

Two rebloggers will be chosen at random on March 22nd to receive a copy of D&W #1 and a D&W postcard!

The HIGH STAKES Fanart Contest!

It’s not secret that we here at D&W love fanart, so we’re using our anniversary as a shameless excuse to solicit more. The rules run as follows:

  • Draw any character from D&W.
  • Keep it PG-13 so we can put it on our website!
  • Post it on social media with the hashtag #DrugsAndWires or e-mail it to cryoclaire(( A T ))
  •  You can enter as many times as you want, but you can’t win more than once.
  • Deadline for submissions is 23:59 GMT on March 22nd 23rd.

The Prizes

FIRST PLACE: One original Cryoclaire sketch of your choice, copies of Drugs & Wires #1 and Daily Struggles of a Cyberjunkie, plus a grab bag of D&W badges, postcards, prints.

SECOND PLACE (if there’s 6+ entries): One original Cryoclaire sketch of your choice, copies of Drugs & Wires #1 and Daily Struggles of a Cyberjunkie, plus D&W postcards.

THIRD PLACE (if there’s 6+ entries): One original Cryoclaire sketch of your choice, Drugs & Wires #1, and D&W postcards.

Thanks for being a part of our first year, and good luck!

Livestream Updates and D&W on Reddit!

Livestream Updates and D&W on Reddit! published on No Comments on Livestream Updates and D&W on Reddit!

Radical Livestream 3.03We’ve been experimenting with art livestreams since the earliest days of the comic, and after a couple of venue and scheduling changes, we’ve finally settled into a new home and time slot. You can now watch Cryoclaire assemble new pages on Twitch Saturdays and Sundays – exact start times are announced on her Twitter or Tumblr. Our streams usually run for a few hours; art aside, you’ll get a chance to chat with other fans and creators, sample Claire’s industrial/witchhouse/vaporwave playlists, and take in a sterling selection of random crap we’ve unearthed on YouTube.

D&W also recently gained its very own subreddit on, so if you’ve got an account and are looking for an all-new venue to chat about everybody’s favorite depressed-Slav-in-cyberpunk-’90s-hell webseries, swing on by!

New Neon Shudder EP Available!

New Neon Shudder EP Available! published on No Comments on New Neon Shudder EP Available!

Neuromantic EP CoverOur buddy Signalrun (AKA Neon Shudder) has had a busy couple of months: following an appropriately spooky (or indeed, spoopy) Halloween release and several previews from his first full-length album, he’s ringing in 2016 with an all-new EP, entitled (viii) neuromantic: the communion of nature and technology. This pay-what-you-want release features four tracks of synth-driven atmospherics, including a collaboration with fellow PA-based (x)-wavers Reapers.

Neon Shudder is also a featured artist on the latest Cyberpunk Community Soundtrack, a 100% free compilation of music inspired by everybody’s favorite chromed-up sci-fi genre. Happy listening!

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